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About Seed & Mech Hubs

We are a Seed & Mechanization ecosystem service provider exploring innovative new pathways in certified seed production while raising the next generation of seed Agripreneurs from faculties and colleges of Agriculture in Nigeria and delivering mechanization services in land preparation, planting, harvesting as well post-harvest services in threshing/shelling and cleaning of Agricultural produce to farmers in Nigeria.

Our Seed production model focuses on producing both quality seeds (Rice, and Sorghum ) and human capacity leveraging on the vast resources available in our universities and communities through the Young Seed Agripreneurs (You-SEA) Project and our own Seed Hubs.

We understand the resource base and farm holding system of the smallholder farmers, and ensure that our mechanization services and equipment hiring model allows us to hire equipment such as tractors, Planters, Harvesters and threshers or directly deliver services on Ploughing, Harrowing, Ridging, Mechanical planting, harvesting, threshing services for a fee to smallholder farmers in rural communities in Nigeria.

Our strategic positions of entry, through quality seeds, and, exit through post-harvest mechanization, is to increase productivity, optimize produce quality and maximize rewards for our farmers.


Agribusiness Services

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Crop Value Chains

Wheat, Maize, Soybean, Sorghum, Ground Nut and Sesame

Major Projects

Projects that bridge farmers to prosperity

Adopted Villages

Adopted Villages for inclusive growth

Services We Offer

We render services that satisfy specific needs of our clientele at each step of the Chain. We listen to you to make us better in serving you.

Seed Production

We produce both quality Seeds and human. READ MORE
We approaching seeds issues from production and human capacity ends by ensuring the production of quality seeds by well trained young Seed Agripreneurs anchored sustainable availability, accessibility and affordability of seeds by the smallholder farmers

Mechanization Services

We deliver services and also hire out mechanized Equipment... READ MORE
We are bridging farmers access to quality mechanization services for optimal crop performance from production to harvest

Post-harvest Mechanization Services

We are saving time and money for farmers ....READ MORE
We are saving time and money , reducing drugery and post-harvest loses through our post-harvest mechanization services in threshing, cleaning and bagging of very clean and sorted products thereby improving the quality of final farm products
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