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Seed & Mech Hubs to deliver Private Extension Services to Nigerian Farmers

Seed & Mech Hubs to deliver Private Extension Services to Nigerian Farmers

Extension is key and fundamental to the development and improvement of sustainable agriculture.

The sector cannot attain its full development without efficient and effective extension services that is readily accessible to smallholder farmers who constitute 80% of our primary producers in the Africa continent.

However, Agricultural extension has become a mirage as a result of Government employed inadequate personnel to render effective services. Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) who are primarily responsible for the extension services are moribund in most states and in the States where few rarely exist, the stay and resume at the Headquarters and far from the reach of most farmers.

In most developed Agricultural economies, Private Extension services is the order and it has been proven that if you can genuinely provide result- based Extension services to optimize the performance of farmers, improve their yield per hectare and increase their overall productivity, farmers are indeed willing to pay.

But In Nigeria Government is the major provider of Extensions which are grossly inadequate to meet the demand and this obvious gap in Lack of  extension personnel/services to man the sector in Nigeria has a major setback in most government and private sectors driven agriculture ventures, hence, achievement of target and specific objectives are often not feasible. Extension funding, staffing, approach, geographical coverage, target beneficiaries and inconsistent policy has played out over time as some of the militating factors.

All these attendant challenges have direct or indirect negative effects on farmers, stakeholders, industries and end users of agricultural produce.

Majorly, lack of extension services has some inimical challenges in agriculture to include amongst; low yield per hectare, low return to investment, poor farm profits, poor quality farm produce, farm losses due to pest and diseases and these limits the sector from attaining Food Security at the desired time.

More worrisome is the age demography of the 90% of the farming populations who are between the ages of 55-70 dominating productive activities and these class of farmers are less likely to adopt smart incline Agricultural innovations needed to effectively grow the Agricultural sector.

In the words of Mr. Ogirinye Innocent, a renowned Agriculturist, succinctly put “ there is clear mismatch of policies and priorities even within the sector; a clear evidence of inadequate extension personnel, poor extension services and on the other hand, faculties and colleges of Agriculture are graduating Extension degree holders every year yet the unemployment level among these class of Agricultural Extension graduates stinks”.

To achieve maximum output and return on investment promptly and timely, Seed & Mech Hubs has position herself to commence private extension service delivery along our Land Use Consolidation and Crop Intensification (LUCCI) adopted villages and on demand by Farmers cooperatives/ Organisation and out growers beginning from 2019.

Seed & Mech Hubs Extension Marshals brings to bear latest innovations in knowledge and technology to bear in our service delivery. We only get paid from the results through cash or kind because Shared Prosperity remains our watch word in service delivery to farmers.

Do you need Farm Advisory Services to optimize your performance, improve your yield per hectare and overall productivity, engage us today and lets bridge you to prosperity using the expertise of our personnel.

Engage us today for your Private Extension Services

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