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NVRC Releases New Crop Varieties as Farmers Eye Dry Season Planting

Farmers are set for improved yields next season as the Federal Government approved the release of 18 new crop varieties to boost production.

The high-yielding varieties were officially released through the National Varietal Release Committee (NVRC), last week.

The release of the new crop varieties was announced by NVRC Chairman, Chief Oladosu Awoyemi during its 29th meeting at the National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB) Conference Room, Moore Plantation, Ibadan.

Chairman of the Technical Sub-Committee, (Crops), Prof O.O. Olufajo and the Registrar, Dr Sunday Aladele also led the process for the release of the varieties.

According to Awoyemi, a lot of work had been done on-field by the technical committee, which led to the recommendations to the national committee, which then registered and released the varieties.

_AgroNigeria_ can confirm that 25 crop varieties were submitted to the committee for consideration.

The committee, in turn, accepted 20 of these varieties for recommendation to the National Committee on Naming, Registration and Release of Crop Varieties, Livestock Breeds/Fisheries.

The submissions were received from research institutions, universities and private companies, the committee revealed.

After much deliberation on the 20 varieties, the NVRC sanctioned the release of 18 of these varieties and registered two (2).

The 18 released varieties include; Two (2) sweet sorghum varieties- SAMSORG 50SW and SAMSORG 51SW; Four (4) multipurpose cassava varieties-UMUCASS 47, UMUCASS 48, UMUCASS 49 and UMUCASS 50.

Others are; One poundable cassava variety – UMUCASS 51; Two white maize hybrids- SC667 and SC419; One (1) yellow maize variety- ILOMAZ-1; Two (2) Provitamin A maize varieties- SAMMAZ 59 and SAMMAZ 60.

One medium maturing top-cross maize hybrid- SAMMAZ 61; Two (2) maize hybrids-SAMMAZ 62 and SAMMAZ 63; Three (3) yam varieties-UMU Da 31, UMU Dr 29 and UMU Dr 30, were among the released crop varieties.

The registered crop varieties are the hybrid cotton varieties namely; MAHYCO C 567 and MAHYCO C 571.

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