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FESMAN Seeks Investment in Snail Production to Bridge Demand Gap

The Federation of Snail Farmers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria (FESMAN) has called for massive investment in the heliciculture industry, adding that it would boost food security and grow the economy.

According to the group, heliciculture, also known as snail farming, is a lucrative and exportable business due to its high global demand rate.

National President, Mr Ebeh Ogoenyi revealed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja.

In his remark, the industry was also in line with the Federal Government’s policy on diversifying the economy especially in the wake of COVID-19 and the unstable oil sector

“We have been seeking support because when you are talking about diversification of the economy from oil, snail is number one to be considered,” Ogoenyi noted.

The president also stated that in a bid to bridge the demand gap of snail, his association was seeking investment in the snail sub-sector.

He said, “We have been mobilising people across the country to go into snail farming so that we can secure our society, create jobs, ensure food security and produce industrial raw materials

“The market is there; it is only production that we need. We have been mobilising people to invest in it, in order to produce more”.

On the economic importance of snail, Ogoenyi stated that slime, which is one of the many raw materials derived from snail, was used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

He also listed the benefits of snail shell, which include its use for animal feed production as it contains 98 percent calcium, as well as the production of ornaments, floor tiles and for automotive brake pads.

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