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Food Security: Apply Innovative Solutions to Old Challenges – NIFST Tells FG

Food sufficiency will continue to be a mirage if the government keeps applying old solutions to new challenges, the Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology (NIFST) has said.

Chairman of the Institute, Sunday Bamgbose, stated this while addressing newsmen on Friday.

According to him, insecurity will also continue to pose a huge threat to food security, if not urgently addressed.

“I don’t expect any positive result if we keep applying 15th-century solutions to 21st-century problems.

“Government needs to do a root cause analysis of the problem affecting food production and apply solutions devoid of sentiments.

“It is abnormal that we are still talking of grazing route in this century when we have a better option in ranching,’’ he said.

On the spiraling food prices, the chairman also pointed out banditry and dearth of innovative solutions as some of the contributory factors. These factors, if not addressed, will make food affordability a mirage for Nigerians, he stated.

He, however, urged Nigerians to increase food production capacity by engaging in any form of food production, particularly subsistence farming.

Bamgbose called on the government to pay more attention to the criticisms of the populace, regarding its food policies.

In the chairman’s words, these should be seen as criticisms with prospects, and not total condemnation, if the food sector is to move forward.

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