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Now that you have the knowledge of the benefits of double digging, can you say that it is worth the “drudgery”? I will like to know your thoughts, kindly hit the comment section to air your opinion. However, if you missed last week’s educational lesson, click here for an insightful read.

 That said, have you considered that when buyers continue to patronize food items grown under less sustainable farm practices, we are simply encouraging such unethical and unhealthy farm practices to continue? These practices deplete the soil, environment and even to negatively impact the healthy lifestyle of people who consume such food. According to Richard St Barbe Baker in his book titled ‘My Life, My Trees’, he said “the grandfather keeps sheep, the son keeps goats and the grandson keeps nothing”. Simply put, when our focus is on what to harvest, we tend to forget to supply the soil with what it needs to remain fertile. For week nine, we are learning about Sustainable Soil Fertility.

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