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Babban Gona to provide jobs for youths in agriculture

West Africa’s largest maize producing entity, Babban Gona has reaffirmed its commitment towards reducing the alarming youth unemployment trend in Nigeria, having assisted over 110,000 smallholder farmers cumulatively cultivating over 225,000 acres of maize through its Agricultural Franchise Model.

Babban Gona’s model addresses the rising youth unemployment in West Africa, which has led to increased violence destabilising regional economies and threatening accelerated migration problems that will dwarf the current refugee crisis.

Babban Gona leverages a unique technology platform to make farming more profitable to create millions of jobs for the youth, interrupting the root causes of violence, stimulating strong economic growth and alleviating the migration of the unemployed.

In the words of Mr. Kola Masha, Babban Gona’s Managing Director, “one of the root causes of insecurity in Nigeria is unemployment of youths, especially in the rural area. We believe that the best way to disrupt this cycle of poverty and democratise wealth is to create equal opportunities for fulfilling work, particularly in the agricultural sector, for the demography who are at risk of being led astray”.

Masha stated that the use of technology has helped its members scale and increase their yields rapidly by providing the required training and education while accessing cost-effective financing and high-quality agricultural inputs, as well as harvesting and marketing support services.

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