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Ranching: FACAN Set to Partner Lagos

The Federation of Agricultural Commodities Association of Nigeria (FACAN) has unveiled plans to partner the Lagos State Government on the operation of ranches in the state.

President of FACAN, Dr Victor Iyama, stated that this was part of a road map with investment plans that seek to improve animal productivity and production.

The association’s president also added that it will help increase the value addition of key livestock value chains of sheep and cows.

He disclosed that the association is examining various aspects of agricultural development such as investment, demand, consumption, gender and social inclusion.

According to him, the absence of a roadmap to develop the livestock sector had hindered the successful implementation of previous investment plans for the sector.

Iyama said that the creation of a master plan would guide livestock-sector investment interventions and improve feed and water resources, health services and promote private sector investment and business environment.

Urging the Lagos government to pursue the establishment of ranches for hire, Iyama reiterated that investors were convinced that the efforts would foster public-private partnerships for livestock development.

He stated that private operators are ready to rent ranches for meat cattle, indicating that the state remains one of the safest places for increasing industries for meat production and milk processing.

On her part, Lagos State Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms Absiola Olusanya, stressed the need for the private sector to partner with the government to establish feedlots in the state for cattle rearing and fattening to further improve reforms and sanitization of the red meat value chain.

According to her, the feedlots when operational would help revive and resuscitate cows after a long trip from Sokoto, Jalingo, Bauchi and Jigawa to Lagos for slaughter.

Olusanya added that the feedlot system would also help in fattening the cows before taking them to the slaughter slabs which would improve the quality of beef as well as help butchers and meat sellers to make more profit.

She disclosed that over 1.8 million herds of cattle and over 1.4 million herds of sheep and goats, were being consumed yearly in Lagos State thereby fueling the need for an effective feedlot system to maximise livestock production.

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