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Nigeria to Experience More Hike in Food Prices if… – PAN

Nigerians have been advised to brace up for a colossal increase in food prices beyond 2021, unless steps are taken to salvage the situation.

National President of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Ezekiel Ibrahim in a chat with newsmen noted that the recurring cases of insecurity, poor farming activities, climate change, lack of access to credit facilities, are crippling the food sector.

Citing the poultry industry as an example, he said that the industry was in a crippled state as farmers can’t cope with the increased cost of production.

Ezekiel pointed that the association has been keen on drawing the attention of the government to put more effort into ensuring food security as Nigerians can’t eat what they were eating five years ago.

He revealed that small and medium-sized poultry farms which are major players in the industry are shutting down and creating a void in the industry, thereby threatening millions of jobs created.

“Since 2019, we have been saying let us import maize and soybeans so that we will keep our agro-industries floating, which means we are maintaining employment rate.

“As of today, most factories and poultry farms have closed, the ones that are producing now are producing at a loss, if they continue, sooner or later, they are going to close down. This will not only heighten the crime rates but increase malnutrition.

“We have never had the worst experience as we are experiencing today, a lot of people can’t afford anything in the market currently.

“The economy of any nation depends on its purchasing power and many Nigerians go to bed today without eating food. We must secure this nation to allow farmers to go to farms and give credit facilities to genuine farmers.

“If we are serious, we can transform this country in three years, we have vast land and very productive youths. we should use what we have, mobilize the youths and make agriculture attractive to make it business, we can always do a rainy season and dry season farming,” the chairman said.

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