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In nursery bed preparation, the importance of the size and depth of nursery trays, pots or containers cannot be overemphasised  because it determines the growth of the seedlings.

When a seedling grows to the point that its roots start to touch the bottom or base of the tray or container, transplanting should be done immediately, otherwise the plant believes that it has reached the growth limit and hence enters a state of premature senility.

Premature senility can also occur when the seedling is planted without a tray, that is, directly in the soil. Here, the seedling begins to flower and bear fruit when it is still at transplanting size.

Ideally, in a situation where a seed tray or container is being used, and the seedling is more than 4-6 weeks in the nursery, then a container or seed tray that is 6 inches deep is needed to allow for root formation and proper development.

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