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NSPRI Displays Innovation, Vows to Reduce Postharvest Losses

Nigerian fish farmers and entrepreneurs can now preserve freshly harvested fish for up to 48 hours without spoilage, Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute (NSPRI) has said.

The development, the NSPRI added, will help fish farmers and entrepreneurs have considerable time within which they can sell their fresh catch without the risk of spoilage.

Executive Director of the Institute, Dr. (Mrs.) Patricia Pessu, disclosed this at its special popularization event for innovations and distribution of agricultural storage facilities to vulnerable women and youth in Ilorin on Tuesday.

NSPRI is a research institute with the sole mandate of mitigating post-harvest losses in Nigeria.

Pessu, who pledged continued commitment to reducing post-harvest losses, noted that the institute’s mandate had direct bearings on Nigeria’s food security agenda.

The NSPRI Iced-Fish Box, the Executive Director, further explained was one of the many innovations adding that feedback from users also indicated that it was considerably curbing spoilage occasioned by inadequate or poor storage facilities.

In her words, “We have also developed the NSPRI Fish-Smoking Kilns, with which fish can be smoked in a convenient and healthy fashion.

“This way, not only are fish farmers spared of the unnecessary labour associated with the traditional fish-smoking methods but in addition, export-quality fish is the end-product, as fish smoked using this method is not only uniformly dried but visually appealing in its golden-brown colour,” she added

Pessu also divulged that the institution had developed Hermetic Steel Drums and Inert Atmosphere Silos for grains and legumes storage.

For fruits and vegetables, she noted that stackable fruit and vegetable baskets whose design was such that fruits and vegetables can be transferred from farm to market with minimal or no damage to the contents was developed.

Another innovation, according to Pessu was the parabolic-shaped solar dryer which said utilizes sunlight to speedily and hygienically dry different products including vegetables, grains, yam and cassava chips among many others

“In addition, the dryer hinders the penetration of harmful Ultraviolet radiation, helping to ensure that the products are not only safer but indeed more visually and commercially appealing” she stated

The ED also disclosed that the scientists at the institute were aggressively investigating Environmental Cooling Systems in the search for ways to preserve fruits over a longer-term.

Pessu, therefore, assured of the institute’s continuous efforts to develop more innovations that will reduce post-harvest losses in Nigeria.

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