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“Agriculture Must Succeed” – Adesina Pledges Support for Nigeria’s Food Systems

President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr. Akinwumi Adesina has said the Bank will support Nigeria in its quest to tackle food insecurity.

Adesina disclosed this during a meeting with a high-level Nigerian delegation led by the country’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Mahmood Abubakar on Monday.

According to him, the Bank would lend its support to the country’s food production system in five major ways captured under the headings of; Support, Scale, Systemic, Speed, and Sustainability.

He opined that efforts to reduce food prices nationwide will help drive the desire to achieve stable food production; in which inheres food security.

The African Development Bank will support Nigeria through input delivery, including highly improved seeds and fertilizers to farmers, and an integrated input delivery platform.

“I want to assure President Buhari that the African Development Bank will provide his government with very strong support to tackle the country’s food security challenges.

“Inflation in Nigeria is high, at 16% or more. Of course, the biggest share of the consumer price index is the price of food, at almost 65%. So, if we can drive down the price of food, of course, we can drive down inflation”, he said.

Adesina further cited examples of the Bank’s support mission in other countries like Sudan and Ethiopia, thereby leading to a geometric increase in the food production capacities of these countries.

To this end, the minister expressed confidence in the ability of the AfDB to champion positive changes in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

“This gives me an additional measure of confidence. If you can do it in Sudan, you can equally do it in Nigeria. Not just in wheat, but also rice, maize, and soybeans”, he said.

Earlier, the minister restated the government’s commitment to creating wealth through enhanced food systems nationwide.

He, on behalf of the country, expressed gratitude to the Bank for its numerous initiatives aimed at improving the country’s agricultural ecosystem.

Abubakar also described its new strategy as a landmark and a laudable one thus;

“It will reverse the ugly trend of a sharp increase in prices of food in the country. I am pleased with the Bank’s strategy to facilitate the production of 9 million metric tons of food in Nigeria, and to support us in raising self-sufficiency.

“The Bank’s Special Agro-Processing Zones initiative is a laudable one and Nigeria is grateful.”

Adesina further assured,
“The task, responsibility, and challenge of feeding Nigeria rest on your shoulders. You will receive maximum support from me, and the African Development Bank for the responsibility that President Buhari has given you. You will not be alone.

“The Bank stands ready to fully support and help Nigeria in the next farming seasons. So, we must make sure things turn around.

“The president must succeed, and Nigeria must succeed. Agriculture must succeed.”

Both parties have however set up a task force team to develop an accelerated implementation plan within the next 60 days.

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