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Quality Seed Crucial Component For Agricultural Productivity – AATF

The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) has launched a seed company to close the gaps in the seed value chain, noting that quality seed is a crucial component for agricultural productivity.

According to the Executive Director, AATF, Dr Canisius Kanangire, the company- ECOBasic Seed Company, is a child of necessity that was birthed to improve the lives of farmers by mitigating the problems encountered in terms of access to seeds.

He said the low productivity levels recorded in the African continent made it imperative to launch the company, which he said will ensure that high-quality seeds are churned out.

Kanangire noted that while hunger and poverty have taken centre stage in the issues bedevilling Africa, it was important to devise means of tackling the issues.

He said, “Today we have begun a new phase in our quest to improve agriculture on the continent and Nigeria in particular from the point of seeds.

“The company we are launching here today can best be described as a child of necessity that is created to fill a vacuum that has denied our farmers access to quality and pure seeds.

“It is a strategic priority for every West Africa nation to be self-sufficient in agricultural food production, and the journey to food security begins with high-quality foundation seed with undiluted purity.

“ECOBasic Seed Company is driven by the mission to sustainably produce foundation seeds of the highest quality and purity for hybrid seed production for seed companies, thereby enhancing profitability, productivity, and food security in West Africa.

“ECOBasic Seed Company is coming at a time when the seed sub-sector in the region needs a vibrant player to fill in the gap. Without your support and collaboration, our dream of building a very vibrant, strong, and reliable foundation seed company to meet the growing needs of seed companies would remain a mirage.”

Kanangire also decried the low adoption rate of hybrid maize in the country, noting that the company will address the issue through regular efforts in creating awareness on the use and importance of the seed variety.

He noted that the company and its partners will adopt a multi-pronged approach to marketing the seed variety.

“Hybrids are higher-yielding than open-pollinated varieties if grown under suitable conditions. One of the barriers to the uptake of Hybrids is the availability of quality foundation seed in sufficient quantity. This we are hopeful, ECOBasic Seed will quickly address.

“It is our belief that through the reliable production and supply of high-quality seed, we will enhance the access to and availability of clean foundation seed for commercial seed companies, to ensure optimal seed yield on the fields of seed producers and sufficient seed production for commercial use, he added.

On his part, the company’s Managing Director, Brighton Karume, explained that it will in the short term, concentrate its efforts on improving Nigeria’s seed value chain while focusing on West Africa, in the long run.

He said, “It will target indigenous and international seed companies that produce certified hybrid seed. Currently, ECOBasic is focusing on foundation seed for hybrid seed maize production

“ECOBasic Seed will expand its product portfolio to include additional staple grain crops such as rice, cowpea, soybean and sorghum and will expand to new markets within West Africa.”

The post Quality Seed Crucial Component For Agricultural Productivity – AATF first appeared on AgroNigeria.

The post Quality Seed Crucial Component For Agricultural Productivity – AATF appeared first on AgroNigeria.

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