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Agribusiness Can Eradicate Poverty in Africa – Oyeyinka

Senior Special Adviser to the AfDB President on Industrialisation, Professor Oyebanji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka has said agribusiness is the solution to poverty in Africa.

In a communique obtained by AgroNigeria at the end of the 6th annual meeting of the Africa Economic Zones Organisation (AEZO) held in Accra, Ghana, Oyeyinka said agriculture can greatly contribute to Africa’s economy.

He said, “If agriculture will play its role as it’s supposed to be, we need to raise the game by raising productivity, and upskilling farmers.”

Speaking on what the AfDB is doing in this regard, Oyeyinka said the bank was working to modernise agriculture.

“So that is the reason why we are here in this year’s edition of Africa Economic Zones Organisation (AEZO) to talk about Agribusiness in Africa,” he added.

Meanwhile, he stressed the need for Africa to move into agritech by getting young people into productivity, noting that the continent has a huge potential in agribusiness, and investing in the sector can change Africa’s narrative.

“If we want to solve the poverty problem in Africa, the solution is Agribusiness. We can achieve this by bringing farmers into the modernised ecosystem and also by raising their living standards and ensuring they achieve a better quality of life.”

The post Agribusiness Can Eradicate Poverty in Africa – Oyeyinka first appeared on AgroNigeria.

The post Agribusiness Can Eradicate Poverty in Africa – Oyeyinka appeared first on AgroNigeria.

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