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Fertiliser Deep Placement (FDP) Technology- AgroNigeria

Fertiliser Deep Placement (FDP) is an innovative, proven fertilizer application technology that achieves average yield increases of 18% while reducing fertilizer use by about one-third.
This technology came from IFDC’s applied research to improve nitrogen uptake efficiency. It is a simple, low-cost technology that is extremely well suitable for small-scale rice production.
With FDP, urea is deep-placed into the soil, where the majority remains in the form of ammonium, which is much less mobile than nitrates. Consequently, more nitrogen is available to the crop throughout its growth cycle.
Therefore, losses to the atmosphere, groundwater, and waterways are drastically reduced. Only about 4% of the nitrogen is lost to the environment, compared with about 35% when nitrogen is applied via broadcasting.
The benefits of using FDP are as follows;
The FDP boosts rural employment and crop productivity, reduces fertilizer usage (cost of government fertilizer subsidies), improves food security, reduces rice imports, and boosts the Gross Domestic Products (GDP).
FDP provides profitable business opportunities and contributes to local economic development.
FDP decreases production costs (because an average of 33% less fertilizer is used), increases yield (an average of 15% to 18%, depending upon the crop and season), increases incomes, and improves household food security.

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