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Post-harvest Hubs

Post-harvest Hubs

One of the critical challenges confronting smallholder farmers in their farm operations is lack of access to harvesting and post-harvest mechanization. While it’s a lot easier in the midst of the accompanying drudgery to use hoes and cutlasses in land preparations, the process of harvest and semi processing (on-farm processing) of farm produce is more riddled with drudgery, very inefficient and end -up affecting the quality of the threshed or shelled farm produce.

We are creating Post harvest Mechanization hub along strategic Value chain to serve as both mechanization and produce aggregation and off-take hubs for smallholder farmers. We do this along our priority value chain of Rice, Wheat, Sorghum, ground Nut, Soybean, Maize and Sesame.

We deliver both stationary and mobile on-farm processing services.
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