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What we offer

Clear cut services that achieve all the set indicators by clients

Mechanization Services

modern mechanization technology
Hoes and cutlasses should be in the museum and its drudgery and untimeliness affects productivity and discourages smart Agriculture.

High Quality Seeds

Increase in farmers' productivity
Seed contributes 50-60% of farmers’ productivity yet African Farmers continue to use and re-used their harvested grain year after year resulting to dwindling yield per hectare hence overall poor productivity.

Extension Services

Positive output on the farm ecosystem
Farmers’ over reliance on inadequate Government extension services has resulted to negative output on the farm ecosystem:

Access to Market

Good market information
Poor market Information, market access and connectivity remain the worst nightmare of smallholder farmers.

Inputs Distributorship

Bridge between Farmer and Seed Producer
While we thriving to carve our niche as premium seed producers, we bridge the gap between the Farmers and Seed Companies

Agricultural Produce Supply

Supply of high standard produce
We supply high standard produce, fresh or semi processed, with high quality and nutritive values.

Contract Farming

Partnership with industry stakeholders
We engage in strong partnerships with key stakeholders in the industry, organisations, institutions, cooperatives, individuals and non-players in the industry for contract farming

Capacity Building

Training of Farmers
We offer specialized value chain tailored training for primary producers across different value chains using our team of experts to prepare you for gainful role in any of the Agricultural value chains.

Consultancy Services

Cutting-edge professionalism
There are basic requirements that set a successful firm apart from a failed one. We offer that extra cutting-edge professionalism by weighing all possible elements